Self –
“My grandmother bought the dolls for me and my sister when we were born, so I’ve had them literally as long as I’ve been alive.{ 1 } She bought one doll for each of us, but somewhere along the way, I took possession of my sister’s and never gave it back. They’re called Kaleigh and Nora, after my sister and I (very original, I know), but are known as baby dolls in general. I tried to change the names when I was little, but nothing else stuck. Kaleigh and I are the only ones who can tell the dolls apart, mirroring our childhood when strangers could not tell us apart, though we’ve never looked much a like.

I’ve slept with them every night that I can remember, with few exceptions, which Kaleigh still mocks me for, but aside from her and my parents, they’re the only things I have that I can say have been in my life as long as I’ve been here. They started off all pink and soft, but they’ve been through a lot and there’s a lot holding them together right now. I’ve had to keep with seeing them to prevent them from completely falling apart, but it’s been 21 years and I just can’t let anything happen to them.” Nora Roche
August 17, 1999