Self –
“This tie I got is made by a brand that I have admire ever since I start fashion design and is a company that I have always wanted to work for. I interview for this company once in April 2019 but didn’t get the job. Knowing how much being able to work for this company meant to me, my friend gifted me this tie in November for my 20th birthday.{ 1 } She said to me “If you get an interview with them, you have to wear this tie”.

This was the first thing I have ever own from this brand and it was given to me when a group of us travelled to London for a study abroad program. In January 2020, I was lucky enough to get a second chance for interview. I put on this tie and was ultimately offer the position. To me, this tie will forever be a reminder of the support from my friend and the memories we shared together in London.”{ 2 } Anson Lee
November 17, 2019